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How to check if the Turbo NAS is a faulty unit?

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If your Turbo NAS is not responding properly, please do the following to check if it is afaulty unit:

  • Turn on the Turbo NAS without hard disk drives.
  • You will hear the first beep upon pressing thepower button, and another beep about 2 minutes later.
  • If you did not hear the secondbeep, there might be a hardware problem with the Turbo NAS.Please contact your localdistributor/reseller technical support.

Note:Make sure the alarm buzzer option for system operations (startup, shutdown, andfirmware upgrade) has been enabled in [System Administration] > [Hardware] on theadministration page of the Turbo NAS.

Caution:The Turbo NAS must be repaired by professional technicians. Do not try to repairthe server yourself.

Release date: 2013-04-19
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