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A Windows computer connects to a Turbo NAS via Network to access a shared folder from an external disk (e.g. /USBDisk1) and then accesses another shared folder from an internal disk (e.g. /Public) it causes the external disk to not be normally removed.

Applied Models:


Use the “net use” command in Windows to check the Samba connection and if the previous /UBSDisk1 is still connected. The reason is Samba regards the same client to the NAS as the same PID during multiple accesses, and cannot close session(s) to a specified share. Windows will keep connected for the first shared connection, and if the connection is kept, the external disk cannot be removed normally.

This is a limitation of Samba. The connection will be closed automatically after a period of time. If you want to remove external disk normally within a short time, we recommend that you execute the “net use /delete” command to delete the connection directly or to restart the client computer to flush the connection record. After being disconnected, the external disk can be removed successfully.

Release date: 2014-05-12
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