QNAP Systems, Inc. - Network Attached Storage (NAS)


Mobile App

QNAP offers a wide range of mobile apps for NAS management, multimedia, surveillance, and download management, providing you with a hands-on way to control your NAS wherever you are.


Ever wanted to browse and manage files stored on your Turbo NAS with your iOS®, Android™ and Windows® mobile device? The free Qfile app is right for you.


Ever wanted to monitor and manage your Turbo NAS with your iOS® or Android™ mobile device? The Qmanager app makes it easy.


Ever wanted to stream and enjoy the music stored on your Turbo NAS with iOS® and Android™ mobile device? The free Qmusic app allows you to listen to your terabytes of music collection on the Turbo NAS anytime and anywhere.


The Qphoto app allows you to easily browse and share the photos on your Turbo NAS anytime and anywhere with mobile devices.

Photo Tagger

Easily Manage your Photos with Tags


The free Qvideo app allows you to enjoy and share the video collection stored on your Turbo NAS from mobile devices anytime and anywhere.


Qsync allows you to browse files on your NAS and connect to Qsync Central for convenient cross-device management.


Instantly find files with Qsirch


A handy mobile app for taking and sharing notes on the go.


Easily search download sources, download contents to the Turbo NAS, and manage download tasks on mobile devices.


Quickly check & manage multiple email accounts anytime and anywhere


Securely store your valuable networking resources


Vmobile is a mobile surveillance app for remote and wireless monitoring of IP cameras managed by the Turbo NAS with Surveillance Station or the VioStor NVR.


When enjoying the HD Station, rather than hardware remotes, Qremote app is so convenient to make your mobile devices as a handy remote control.

Multimedia content playback

Control playback of videos, music and photos stored in the Turbo NAS remotely and enjoy them on TV without additional gadgets like a controller, USB keyboard or mouse.


Turn your mobile device into camera

Use your mobile device as an IP camera

With the Vcam mobile app, you could record any moment around you to your QNAP NAS. The Vcam solution provides a great way to deploy a home surveillance system without purchasing expensive IP camera.   Tutorial

DJ2 Client

Stream or watch live broadcasts with DJ2 Client. Instantly share every great moment anywhere at any time.

OceanKTV Client

Turn your tablet into a remote control

An easy way to remotely control OceanKTV

The OceanKTV Client allows you to control OceanKTV on a QNAP NAS with a tablet device. You can browse the song list and request, adjust the volume, add special effects, and more.   Tutorial