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Using VyprVPN™

What is VyprVPN™?

VyprVPN™ is VPN client service provided by Goldenfrog©. It offers over 70 servers across the world and ensures a private connection with encrypted traffic. VyprVPN™ offers OpenVPN™ and PPTP so you can choose preferred levels of encryption, speed and protection.

Using VyprVPN™

After installing VyprVPN™, click “VyprVPN” on the QTS desktop. Due to using HTTPS, your browser may display a security page. Click “ADVANCED” and then “Proceed to <NAS IP address> (unsafe)”.

Login with your VyprVPN account and then the NAS default gateway will be assigned to VyprVPN tunnel.  If you do not have a VyprVPN account, visit “How to sign up for VyprVPN™ from your QNAP”

How to sign up for VyprVPN™ from your QNAP
VyprVPN™ for QNAP System requirements

Release date: 2017-05-10
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