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Monitoring Your QNAP NAS behind a NAT Router with Q’center

1. Introduction

The latest version of Q’center allows users to easily monitor a QNAP NAS behind a NAT Router, on either a local network or via the internet.

2. Getting Started

2.1. System requirements

The client QNAP NAS must be running QTS version 4.1.0 or later before it can be added to Q’center.

2.2. Setting up a registration code in Q’center

A registration code must be set up within Q’center to allow a client NAS to authenticate with it.
Q’center must be already installed on a QNAP NAS or another platform. We will call this device the Q’center server.

  1. Open Q’center on the Q’center server and go to “Settings”.
  2. Select the Admin or Power User account.
  3. Enter a unique password in the registration code field.

2.3 Installing Connect to Q’center

To allow your NAS to connect to a Q’center server, you need to install the Connect to Q’center application. There are two ways to do this:

From the QNAP website:

  1. Go to https://www.qnap.com/app_center/
  2. Select your NAS model.
  3. Search for Connect to Q’center.
  4. Download the correct application version for your NAS.
  5. Install on your NAS by going to “Main Menu” > “App Center” > “Install Manually”.

From the QNAP App Center:

  1. On your QNAP NAS go to “Main Menu” > “App Center”.
  2. Search for Connect to Q’center.
  3. Click “Install”.

After installing, verify that Connect to Q’center is available in the “My Apps” section of App Center.

3. Using Connect to Q’center

3.1. Connecting the NAS to Q’center with Connect to Q’center

  1. Open Connect to Q’center in “App Center”.
  2. Enter the following information:
    1.  Host name or IP address of the Q’center server.
    2. System port number of your Q’center server.
    3. The registration code you set earlier in the Q’center.
  3. Click “Install. Q’center Agent” will automatically download and install the agent on the client NAS.
  4. Click “Launch Q’center Agent” to import the Q’center IP settings into Q’center Agent and start the connection between the NAS and the Q’center server.

The NAS will now appear in the list of managed servers at “Q’center” > “Server”.

If there are any problems connecting to the Q’center server:

  • If you are connecting a NAS to Q’center via the Internet, ensure that the Q’center server can be reached from the local network using its WAN IP, Host name or myQNAPcloud address.
  • If your Q’center is installed on a QNAP NAS, you can enable the “myQNAPcloud” service and “UPnP Port Forwarding” for NAS web and Secure NAS Web. This will allow a client NAS to connect to the Q’center server using the server’s myQNAPcloud address. 

In Q’center Agent, you can view and modify the Q’center server connection, and download connection logs. Q’center Agent will continually send system information to the selected Q’center server for monitoring.

In the above example, the NAS behind a NAT Router with the subnet LAN IP address can also be monitored by Q’center Server.
Release date: 2017-09-05
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