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What should I do if I accidentally unplug one (or more) disks from my QNAP NAS?

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When a disk disconnection is detected by the system, it will protect itself according to your disk RAID Group configuration. For example, if one disk is disconnected the storage pool will still be accessible but a warning status will be displayed.

If an unplugged disk is detected, its storage pool will show a warning (the example shows a RAID 5 configuration).


  • For RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10: Add the disk(s) back to their original slots. The RAID should be automatically rebuilt. If not, go to “Storage Manager” > select the storage pool > “Manage” > Select the abnormal RAID Group > “Manage” > “Recover”. When the RAID rebuilding finishes, the storage pool will return back to normal and your data should not be damaged*.

    *To check if your data has been damaged, please select the volume > “Manage” > “Action” > “Check File System”.
The status of the RAID will change to "Rebuilding" during the recovery process.
  • Single-disk volumes, JBOD, RAID 0: Even without RAID protection, these are still recoverable. Add the disk(s) back to their original slots, go to “Storage Manager” > select the storage pool > “Manage” > select the abnormal RAID Group > “Manage” > “Recover”. Once the recovery process is completed the storage pool and data will return to normal.
If a disk from a single-disk volume, JBOD, or RAID 0 disk group is unplugged, you can still recover it by reconnecting the disk and using Storage Manager.

When multiple disks are unplugged, the data and storage pool will still be recoverable as long as you re-insert the disks according to their original order. If enough disks are unplugged, the storage pool status will display "Error" and you will be unable to access data until it is recovered to normal status.

RAID The number of unplugged disks that RAID groups can tolerate without becoming “Error”
RAID 1 1
RAID 5 1
RAID 6 2
RAID 10 Number of original disks / 2.
Unplugged disks cannot be adjacent and paired 2 hard drives.
Other 0
When a storage pool goes into error status (as displayed in the example) you will be unable to access the data in it.
Release date: 2016-03-17
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