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How to use Device Discovery in QRM+?


Device Discovery allow users to discover computer devices on their current network based on a defined scan range and quickly incorporate them into QRM+. On the Device Discovery page, users can manage scanning tasks, query their scan history, filter scan results, add devices, generate scan result reports, and send the current view as an email.

QRM+ supports the following two search types:

  1. IP Range
  2. Subnet

After the "Start Scan" button is clicked, QRM + will start scanning for devices within the IP range or subnet. Discovered devices will be listed, and can be added to QRM+ without waiting for the scan to finish. For more information, see "Adding a Device to a QRM+ During Scan".

To scan a specific IP range, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the IP range
  2. Enter the starting IP address
  3. Enter the ending IP address
  4. Click "Start Scan"

To scan a specific subnet range, follow the steps below:

  1. Set the subnet
  2. Enter the CIDR (the default value is 24)
  3. Click "Start Scan"

* Note: QRM+ uses ICMP to search for devices within a specific IP address range. QRM+ cannot find devices that do not allow ICMP requests.

*Note: Windows Firewall also affects QRM+ and treats target devices as unsupported devices. To solve this problem, go to Windows Firewall settings in Control Panel. Click "Advanced Settings" to set up (as shown below).

A scan can be stopped at any time by clicking "Cancel Scan ".

Settings can be reset after the scan is completed or in the scan history. When "Reset All" is clicked, the scan details will be cleared.

Scan History

QRM+ maintains a scan history. Users can view the last 5 scans in the history pane of the left column and select the device to install in QRM+ from the list of discovered devices. Just follow the "How to add Windows Devices to QRM+, How to add Linux Devices to QRM+, How to add IPMI Devices to QRM+" tutorial step by step.

Release date: 2017-10-02
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