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How to Purchase and Install a License for McAfee App on QNAP NAS?

McAfee antivirus helps to protect your data from viruses and malware by identifying, quarantining, and deleting infected files. McAfee antivirus App enables you to scan shared folders manually or by schedule, and has the ability to automatically update virus definitions.

Users can activate a free 30-day trial via the App Center on supported models (available only once on supported models).

To purchase a McAfee license, go to the License Store (http://license.qnap.com/) and then install the license on your NAS. Here are the instructions to purchase and install the McAfee license on your Turbo NAS.

Please note, McAfee App is currently only supported by all Intel/AMD x86-based NAS.

  1. Enable the free trial license
  2. Go to the License Store to buy a license. http://license.qnap.com/
  3. Install the app license on Turbo NAS


Enable the free trial license

Open the McAfee App after downloading it from the App Center. Ensure your NAS is connected to the Internet, the DNS server is enabled, and then click "Get a free trial!"

Please note: The trial license can only be used once on supported models.

Go to the License Store: to buy a license

After you enter the License Store, please register a user account for buying licenses.

Step 1: Register a new account

If this is the first time you have purchased licenses using the License Store, you will need to register an account.

Step 2: Create account

After submitting the required registration information, you will receive an email for activation.

Step 3: Activate the user account by clicking the link

Step 4: Purchase the license

Please go to the "App" category in the License Store, select the required product from the drop-down list, and checkout.

Step 5: Confirm the payment and receiver’s information

Please confirm the order, fill out the receiver’s email address and receipt information (optional). The license will be sent to the receiver via email after the payment is processed.

Step 6: Select a method for payment, and log in to your PayPal account to pay (optional)

We use PayPal to process payments. For more information, please refer to PayPal Payment Methods. The PayPal account is optional and you can also register for free. If you do not want to create PayPal account, click "Check Out as a Guest" to continue the payment process.

Step 7: You will receive an email with the order details and an attached license file. Please download the file and unzip it. The zip file is password protected. Please visit the License Store > Account info page to view the password.

Install the license on Turbo NAS

Please go to My License page at App Center. Please click [Add] button to open the installation wizard.

Online License Activation

Step 1: If your Turbo NAS is connected to the Internet, select "Online Activation".

If your NAS is not connected to the internet, please use "Offline Activation".

Step 2: Enter the Product Authorization Key (PAK) code to activate the license.

Step 3: The license has been activated. Click [Finish] to close the window.

Offline License Activation

Step 1: If the Turbo NAS is behind a firewall or is not connected to the Internet, please select "Offline Activation".

Step 2: Copy the System UDI and go to the License Store for offline license activation.

Step 3: Go to the Offline Activation page, enter the System UDI and the license PAK, and then click [Activate].

Step 4: Once your offline activation is verified, the registered email account will receive an email with the permission file (.act.tgz) attached. Please download the file. The permission file only can be used on the specific NAS with your specified System UDI. Do not decompress the permission file.

Step 5: Return to the offline activation page on your Turbo NAS. You must import the permission file to activate the license.

Step 6: The license will now be activated.

Datum vydání: 2016-04-07
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