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Why does the session time out when adding a device to QRM+?
  • - TS-x85, TDS-16489U
    - x82, x82U, X82S Series (including TS, TVS, Rackmount)
    - x80, x80U Series (including TS, TVS, EC, Rackmount)
    - x79, x79U Series (including TS, TVS, Rackmount)
    - x77 Series (including TS, TVS, Rackmount)
    - x73, x73U Series (including TS, TVS, Rackmount)
    - x71, x71U Series (including TS, TVS, Rackmount)
    - x70, x70U Series (including TS, TVS, Rackmount)
    - x63, x63+, x63AU Series (including TS, TVS, Rackmount)
    - x53, x51 Series (including SS-x53)

QRMAgent has a 5-minute window to install and connect to QRM+. If QRMAgent is unable to complete installation in this time, then it will time out and you will receive the following message in QRM+: "Your session has timed out. You must run the QRMAgent installation package again on your remote device and complete all the installation steps."

This timeout may be caused by the client computer being under heavy load. If you receive this message, close some applications and/or services on the client computer and try installing QRMAgent again.

Datum vydání: 2017-11-29
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