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Virtualization Station’s web UI cannot be displayed properly when using HTTPS with Safari®.

Applied Models:


Safari® does not trust self-signed certificates by default. To resolve this problem, the SSL certificate of the NAS must be added to Safari®’s trusted list:

  1. Open Safari, and in the address bar enter “https://[Your NAS IP Address]:8089”. For example: “”.
    Safari® will pop up a dialog box saying that the website cannot be verified. Click “Show Certificate”.

    Note: 8089 is the default SSL port for Virtualization Station. If this has been changed, then change the port number in the address above to the one set under “Virtualization Station > Preferences > Virtualization Station (SSL) > Port”
  2. Select “Always trust “QNAP NAS” when connecting to “[Your NAS IP Address]””. Click “Continue”.
  3. Enter your Mac password, and then click “Update Settings”.
  4. When you next log into Virtualization Station using Safari, the web user interface will be displayed properly.

Datum vydání: 2017-01-13
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