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There is lag when web tabs are used to operate a virtual machine (VM). Is there another approach to using remote VMs?

Applied Models:


You can use Virtual Network Computing (VNC) to connect to your VM. It can improve the experience of operating VM.

You can download the FREE application, UltraVNC, to remotely access your VM. The steps of installation and operation are described below:


UltraVNC Installation:

Step1: please download UltraVNC from website:
http://www.uvnc.com/downloads/ult ravnc.html

Step2:After the download finishes, please launch Setup.exe and click [Next].

Step3:Choose “I accept the agreement” and click [Next].

Step4:Click [Next].

Step5:Choose a file folder to install UltraVNC and click [Next].

Step6:Please check “UltraVNC Viewer” and click [Next].

Step7:Click [Next].

Step8:Click [Next].

Step9:Click [Install].

Step10:Click [Next].

Step11:Click [Finish].

UltraVNC Operation:

Step1:Please launch “UltraVNC”.

Step2:Please enter the IP address of the Turbo NAS and the console port of the VM (5900~5930), e.g.

Step3:Click [Connect]. You will then see the VM desktop.

Datum vydání: 2014-04-16
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