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My Turbo NAS fails and I want to access my data urgently. When I connect the disk to my Windows PC, the file system format is unrecognizable. What can I do?

Applied Models:


On TS-109/209 series, the file system on TS-109/209 is not standard ext3.  We have created a live CD for you to boot from the CD to access your data.  Please install the hard disk to your PC by internal SATA or external USB/eSATA connection and boot using our live CD.  The detail procedure can be referred here: ftp://csdread:csdread@ftp.qnap.com/NAS/live_cd/TS109-209_data_recovery_with_Live_CD.pdf

The live CD can be downloaded by the following link:


If the volume is single or RAID 1 without encryption, you can install ext3 driver (for example, explore2fs, ext2ifs and ext2fsd) on your Windows PC to access the data on the 3rd partition of HDD.  You can refer to the following link to download the driver:




Note: The folders/filenames on the Turbo NAS are encoded with UTF-8(unicode). 

  1. TS-109/209 series:
Datum vydání: 2013-04-19
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