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How do I test the upload/download rate of the QNAP Cloud Sync app?

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You can use the following steps to test network speeds:

Test upload/download rates with the Cloud Sync app

  1. Pause NAS apps that use network bandwidth
  2. Pause all of the jobs in the Cloud Sync App
  3. Create a new job and upload/download a file that is over 100MB
  4. Open the NAS dashboard and check the upload/download rates after running the job

Test upload/download rates of the cloud service

  1. Use a PC connected to the same LAN as the NAS
  2. Upload/download the same file to the cloud website
  3. Estimate the upload/download rate with the estimated time the cloud provides

You can compare speeds between the cloud service and our app. If it is slower than cloud, the reasons can be:

  1. The cloud service may set a speed limit for third-party apps
  2. The cloud service may use a special port to increase the transfer rate
  3. The cloud service provides a deduplication function to avoid transferring duplicated files


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