Multimedia applications and QPKG

Enhanced Photo Station

Gain enriched photo experiences with the enhanced Photo Station. The offerings of thumbnails and photo title display present the slideshow whilst you are able to preview the photos ahead. The Pixlr Editor allows creative photo editing directly on the browser which makes photos look interesting. On the photo album, geo-tagging on Google maps is provided to help viewers identify the location of the photos. Photo sharing becomes easier, too. The sharing can be made public on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter when a user “likes” it. Private albums can be shared with specific friends through a password-protected slideshow link by email or link code. The thumbnail display of RAW photos makes it easier to preview and organize your best shots.


The built-in iTunes Server support for the Turbo NAS allows music and video streaming with iTunes that is fun and easy. With the iTunes Server alternative, the QiTunesAir QPKG audio files stored in the Turbo NAS can be streamed and played with AirPlay-enabled players such as AirPort Express and Apple TV. With the “Remote” app installed on iOS devices, controlling music playback becomes as easy as using a remote to control a conventional audio set in the house.

Download Station  

The offering of magnet link support for torrents makes file downloading much easier. Turbo NAS users can simply paste the magnet links in the Download Station to download files, no longer needing to download the torrent files. It saves lots of time and effort when conducting multiple downloading tasks.

Upgraded USB webcam

QUSBCam, available as a QPKG in the QPKG Center, provides new features to bring in better surveillance management experiences. The new configuration page is well-organized and easy to use. With the Internet browser, live feeds are available with the offering of thumbnail and full screen. This affordable webcam surveillance is suitable and adoptable for everyone, with no professional hardware or expertise required.


With TappIn QPKG, available in the QNAP QPKG Center, you can safely access data in the Turbo NAS directly from most operating systems, platforms, and mobile devices from anywhere. TappIn’s innovative secure cloud pathway eliminates the need to upload, sync, or pay for additional cloud storage, and offers secure file access and file sharing of any size with encryption that safeguards content.