QTS 4.0 is the new powerful Turbo NAS operating system for
home entertainment and business applications.

Built on a Linux foundation, QTS 4.0 Turbo NAS operating system is shaped from the optimized kernel to deliver high-performance services satisfying your needs in file storage, management, backup, multimedia applications, and surveillance, and more.

The intuitive, multi-window and multi-tasking QTS 4.0 GUI make it incredibly easy to manage your Turbo NAS, utilize its rich home applications, enjoy multimedia collections with more fun, and install a rich set of applications in the App Center on demand to expand your Turbo NAS experience.

Moreover, the QTS 4.0 adds value to business applications with its abundant features, including file sharing, iSCSI and virtualization, backup, privilege settings, and so on, effectively increasing business efficiency.

Coupled with various utilities and smart mobile apps, QTS 4.0 is the ultimate platform for building a personal or private cloud, synchronizing data and sharing files.

QTS 4.0 for home and home office
QTS 4.0 delivers an unprecedented user experience. Its intuitive multi-window user interface allows you to manage your Turbo NAS with ease; its rich functionalities, multi-device file synchronization, and smart mobile apps let you enjoy your multimedia collections in a fun and engaging way. The App Center offers a variety of apps for you to install on demand and extend the potential of Turbo NAS.