CHC (Taiwan)

“I'm so impressed by QNAP TS-459 for its small body but versatile functions. Thank to the hard work of QNAP design team, the NAS has been tremendously helpful to us since we bought it a year ago. It's hard to imagine before you actually see it that with the limited space it takes, the NAS does powerfully raise the work efficiency of employees and enhance the exploitation of information resources. We are so glad we chose QNAP NAS,” - Lance Tzeng, Service Department Director of CHC HEALTHCARE GROUP.


CHC Healthcare Group is a Taiwan-based company which has been founded for more than 30 years. Their major business is the brand representation of internationally prestigious radiation therapy equipment. In the recent years, with growing business, CHC also provides medical devices for ophthalmology, dentistry, and medical aesthetic.

CHC Healthcare Group has about 120 staff members who belong to different departments. With headquarters located in Taipei, CHC Healthcare Group has 2 branches, one in Taichung and the other in Kaohsiung. No matter it is in a small clinic or a large-scale hospital, the engineers of CHC Healthcare Group are available 24/7 to provide technical services for their customers.

Challenges/Business Needs

CHC Healthcare Group was in need of NAS to store and protect their huge amount of data, such as ISO image files of software, replication of the data on the medical equipment, and PDF files of official documents. They required RAID protection to secure the data and reduce the risk of data loss. In addition, they demanded remote replication to double the backup in case of a large-scale or physical disaster happens on the NAS.

In the other way, they needed a file-sharing server to be set up among all the staff in the headquarters and the two branches conveniently. For the in-house staff, they needed an efficient server to back up the data automatically without manual effort. For the personnel who worked standby for the repair service of the medical equipment, they needed a convenient way to access the technical files from a remote location.

CHC Healthcare Group also needed a web server to build up their education and training website for the technicians to take the standardized courses with ease and consistency, raising their work efficiency and quality.


NetBak Replicator and remote replication for high data redundancy NetBak Replicator is a Windows client backup software provided by QNAP for data backup from Windows workstations to the NAS. With NetBak Replicator, CHC Healthcare Group created a schedule to automatically back up all the data, such as official and technical documents, forms, and charts every day to the NAS. Remote replication is also set up to synchronize the data of the NAS in the office with a remote NAS over the Internet. For now, CHC Healthcare group has a complete solution that protects their data from losing in the disaster.

FTP server with access right management for convenient and secure file-sharing With staffs located in different cities of Taiwan and about 50 technicians who need to travel within the nation to provide services for the hospitals all over Taiwan, CHC Healthcare Group has set up a TS-459 as an FTP server to allow their staff to access the files remotely. In-house staff can access the files on the NAS by Windows Network Neighborhood. The technicians can upload or download technical documents to and from the NAS by FTP software or Web File Manager, the web-based management tool of QNAP NAS. With access right management function of QNAP NAS, CHC Healthcare Group created 5 different folders with different access rights for the technicians working in different areas, and a centralized folder for others to store the data with the limited access right. In this way, all the data are accessible by the authorized staffs with ease and security.

Web server for effortless website building CHC Healthcare Group planned to build the websites for staff education and training. With a flexible space of knowledge-sharing, the experience of veterans can be effectively passed on to the novices, helping all the staff grow and learn to benefit the company. QNAP NAS provides an easy and complete website-building server with convenient tools such as MySQL database for CHC Healthcare Group to build their knowledge database and e-learning system.